Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Media Won't Get The Facts Straight Because They Don't Want To

In response to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer
 concerning the four kids from the African nation of Cameroon 
denied visas to visit the United States,
my first question is, did these kids and their families know
 that they had to receive a medical examination 
and required vaccinations prior to the obtainment of a visa?

According to the US Department of State's website guidelines
 for travel: "All immigrant visa applications, (in Cameroon)
 regardless of age, require a medical examination
 prior to the issuance of a visa. 
Only a physician accredited by the US Embassy
 can perform this exam.
 It is your responsibility to schedule
 a medical exam with one of the doctors 
(listed below) before your visa interview appointment
 at the US Embassy. 
Medical examinations from other physicians
 will not be accepted."

Furthermore, at the time of the appointment
 the person seeking the visa is further
 required to have the following documents available:

1. A visa interview appointment letter 
2. A passport
3. Four recently taken passport-sized color photographs
4. A copy of immunization records.

Regardless of providing an all expense paid trip
 to a basketball camp in Philadelphia,
were these kids' sponsors aware
 of these necessary requirements needed beforehand?

Do they understand that this poor, central African nation
 is notorious for outbreaks of deadly diseases like
 Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and Malaria?

Although the Philadelphia Inquirer does mention
 that these kids had their passports,  it does not make any mention
that they had received the medical requirements
needed  to obtain a visa in Cameroon. 

 Instead, columnist Ronnie Polaneczky alleges that America has 
 "sucker punched" these poor African youth by denying them their visas.
She also mentions a student exchange program in which Mexican kids 
were denied visas to come here, which she blames on the
'zero tolerance' immigration policy of  President Donald Trump.

What the media fails to see on purpose is that the massive
immigration mess in this nation has been out of control for
many years now.  In order to corral the problem, our
president has had to resort to some drastic measures, which
unfortunately, along with detaining people trying to
  cross our borders illegally, seems to includes
the denial of visas for the time being.

While it may well be true that these African kids were
denied visas because they were not aware that they needed
a medical examination and an updated vaccination record before
traveling overseas to the United States, it seems to me that
the duplicitous mainstream media will stop at nothing 
these days, including capitalizing on the disappointment
of four teens from Cameroon, in order to further their
cause in vilifying America as a cold and heartless nation.

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