Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Romance Of The Past

A soldier of the Cromwell stamp,

With sword and psalm-book by his side,

At home alike in church and camp;

Austere he lived, and smileless he died.

Parliamentarian Harquebusier Officer C. 1645
Chris Collingwood

But she, a creature soft and fine-

From Spain, some say, some say from France;

Within her veins leapt blood like wine-

She led her Roundhead lord a dance!

Portrait Of A Young Spanish Girl
Anton Ebert

In Grantham church they lie asleep;

Just where, the verger may not know.

Strange, that two hundred years should keep

The old ancestral fires aglow!

Grantham Church Cemetery
Lincolnshire, England

In me these two have met again;

To each my nature owes a part;

To one, the cool and reasoning brain;

To one, the quick, unreasoning heart.

The Last Farewell
Rodger Whittaker

Thomas Bailey Aldrich
American writer and poet

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