Friday, October 12, 2018

On My Mind: The Politics Of Race


Former Interim Democratic National Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile

I believe you need to get your facts straight, Ms. Brazile.

 Singer Kanye West is an intelligent young man who apparently
 "gets it" about the true diabolical nature of the Democratic Party.
 This is the same outfit which regards eugenicist  Margaret Sanger,
the founder of Planned Parenthood, -who believed that black
babies should be exterminated at birth, and that all non-whites,
namely Latins, Gypsies, Jews, and "inferiors" like Poles and Slavs,
"pollute" the human gene pool, -as their party's official patron saint.

Oh and by the way, this is the same woman who not only admired the
racial and ethnic cleansing policies of Adolf Hitler, but was once the
 guest speaker at a meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Imperial 
Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Spring Lake, NJ in 1926.

  Democrats exploit black people, just as they exploit women, illegal aliens,
gun control activists,  and LGBTQ groups- for political purposes only. 
Truth be told, they could care less about real human suffering.
Since 1973, their party has helped to murder millions of 
unborn babies in the United States of America through 
their support and funding of the abortion industry.
Furthermore, they have made sure there is a Planned Parenthood
clinic within access of every predominantly black community in this nation.

 Starting with Democrat President Lyndon Johnson's 1964 Civil Rights Act,
 followed by the fake "War on Poverty" in 1965,  which specifically
targeted black Americans so they would be led to believe that
  only the Democrats were their true friends and supporters 
in the halls of power in Washington DC,
 in reality, it was these very government policies, as well as 
 subsidy programs also crafted by the Democrats in the race-related
turbulence of the mid-1960's, which have deliberately kept blacks "in their place"
for many years, with many wholly dependent on the government for 
survival for generations, without the benefit of being able to raise their  
standards of living or their status as racially equal under the law.  

 In other words, the Thirteenth Amendment, which 
when passed in January 1865, ended slavery in America forever, was
usurped, as far as black citizens are concerned, by legislation passed
one hundred years later, primarily by Democrats, in order to conceal their 
 true intentions, which was to secure a major voting bloc within black 
communities across America, but, even more so, to justify the prideful
sense of racial superiority and prejudice hidden within their own hearts.

Meanwhile,  Kanye West,  Dr. Alveda King, Colonel Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson,
Diamond and Silk, and other black Americans who have caught on to and exposed
this perpetual fraud being committed against the national black community 
are denounced by the Democrats and liberal blacks  as "racists" and "Uncle Toms"
 and "traitors".  Traitors to what?   And furthermore, how can someone be 
considered "racist" against their own race?

Every election year, the inner cities and other areas with large 
 black populations near where I live are plastered with signs 
to elect and re-elect Democrats representing these areas
 at the local, state, and federal levels of power... and for what?
The poverty-stricken, crime-infested areas of the inner cities
 represented by generations of "friends" of the people
 continue to go right on being the poverty-stricken,
 crime-infested areas they have been
 long after the votes are counted and
  another Election Day passes into history.

President Trump and singer Kayne West recently met at the White House.
The performer has been demonized by the Democrat agenda-supporting mainstream
media and entertainment industry for his vocal support for our president. 

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