Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Song Of The Acorn Fairy

"From little acorns do mighty oaks grow"
An Old English Proverb

To English folk the mighty oak

Is England's noblest tree;

It's hard-grained wood is strong and good

As English hearts can be.

And would you know how oak-trees grow,

The secret may be told:

You do but need to plant for seed

One acorn in the mould;

For even so, long years ago,

Were born the oaks of old.

Experts from the Ancient Tree Forum estimate that this  mighty Oak in
  Blenheim's High Park is 1,046 years old and probably the oldest tree in Great Britain.

"The Song Of The Acorn Fairy"
Illustration and poem by
Mary Cecily Barker
English artist and poet
Patroness of the English fairies

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