Thursday, July 20, 2017

Come My Soul Thou Must Be Waking

Come, my soul, thou must be waking;
Now is breaking O'er the earth another day:
Come to Him who made this splendor;
See thou render All thy feeble powers can pay.

Sea of Galilee

Thou, too, hail the light returning; Ready burning
Be the incense of thy powers; For the night is safely ended,
God hath tended With His care thy helpless hours.

Pray that He may prosper ever Each endeavor,

When thine aim is good and true; but that
He may ever thwart thee, And convert thee,
When thou evil wouldst pursue.

Only God's free gifts abuse not, Light refuse not,
But His Spirit's voice obey; Thou with
Him shalt dwell, beholding Light enfolding
All things in the unclouded day.

Looking down at the Sea of Galilee
Mount of the Beatitudes, Israel

"Come My Soul Must Be Waking"
F.R.L. von Canitz 
Translated by Reverend Henry J. Buckoll

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