Friday, July 28, 2017

Love vs. Romance

It is easy to mistake romance for love. 
Yet there are many differences.

Romance is fleeting...Love is long.

Romance is dancing in the moonlight. Gazing deep into
desired eyes across a candlelit table...Love is saying:
"You're tired honey, I'll get up this time" and 
stumbling through the darkness to warm a bottle
or comfort a frightened child.

Romance is suspense, anticipation, surprise...
Love is dependability.

Romance is tingling excitement...Love is tenderness,
constancy, being cherished...

Romance is an eager striving always to appear attractive
to each other...Love is two people who find beauty in 
each other no matter how they look.

Romance is flattering attentions...Love is genuine thoughtfulness.

Romance is delicious...Love nourishes.

Romance is seeking perfection...Love is forgiving faults.

Romance is flying...Love is safe landing.

Romance is the anguish of waiting for the phone to
ring to bring you a voice that will utter endearments...
Love is the anguish of waiting for a call that will
assure you someone else is happy and safe.

Romance can't last...Love can't help it.

Marjorie Holmes

"Somewhere far beyond today
I will find a way to find you
And somehow through the lonely nights
I will leave a light in the dark
Let it lead you to my heart..."
Michael W. Smith

Somewhere, Somehow
Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant

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