Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Flower Fairies of Summer

This post is dedicated to the sweet wee folk
of the garden and woodland and vale,
featuring the poems and lovely art work of
Cecily Mary Barker.

Careful where you step when
visiting these known fairy bowers!

The Song of the Buttercup Fairy

'Tis I whom children love the best;
My wealth is all for them;
For them is set each glossy cup
Upon each sturdy stem.

O little playmates whom I love!
The sky is summer-blue,
And meadows are full of buttercups
And spread abroad for you!

The Song of the Poppy Fairy

The green wheat's a-growing,
The lark sings on high;
In scarlet silk a-glowing,
Here stand I.

The wheat's turning yellow,
Ripening the sheaves;
I hear the little fellow
Who scares the bird-thieves.

Now the harvest's ended,
The wheat-field is bare;
But still, red and splendid,
I am there.

The Song of the Honeysuckle Fairy

The lane is deep, the bank is steep,
The tangled hedge is high;
And clinging, twisting, up I creep,
And climb towards the sky.
O Honeysuckle, mounting high!
O Woodbine, climbing to the sky!

The people in the lane below
Look up and see me there,
Where I my honey-trumpets blow,
Whose sweetness fills the air.
O Honeysuckle, waving there!
O Woodbine, scenting all the air!

The Song of the White Clover Fairy

I'm little White Clover, kind and clean;
Look at my threefold leaves so green;
Hark to the buzzing of hungry bees:
"Give us your honey, Clover, please!"
Yes, little bees, and welcome, too!
My honey is good, and mean't for you!"

The Song of the Foxglove Fairy

"Foxglove, Foxglove,
What do you see?
The cool green woodland,
The fat velvet bee;
Hey, Mr. Bumble,
I've honey here for thee!

"Foxglove, Foxglove,
What see you now?"
The soft summer moonlight
On bracken, grass, and bough;
And all the fairies dancing
As only they know how.

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