Friday, July 14, 2017

Simply For The Self-Surrender

"Wait and listen, everyone who is thirsty!
Come to the waters and they who have no money,
come, buy and eat!!  Yes, come, buy spiritual wine
and milk without price simply for the self-surrender
that accepts the blessing."
Isaiah 55:1

These beautiful words illustrating Christ as the
Living Water of God, Who alone can quench the thirst of 
weary souls wandering across the parched wasteland
of spiritual decay and darkness has always had
a profound effect on me every time I read them.

I was recently watching a video shot
on a busy street corner in Hollywood, California.
I noticed a group of Christians parading up and down
on the sidewalk holding up signs with
well-known slogans like:

"Christ Jesus Loves You"


"Salvation is in Christ alone"

While I feel that the people involved in 
the march were sincere believers
concerned with the salvation of others, I was a bit put off
by their demonstration, which most of the passersby
on the street either briefly acknowledged 
or ignored all together.

  Thus this well-meaning, but futile demonstration 
became just another part of the street carnival atmosphere
of this once glamorous capital of the film-making industry.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that
during His ministry on earth, Yeshua never carried a sign.

He never stood in the temple or on the street corner 
 announcing who He was, or shouting out passages of Scripture
 to the crowd as they passed Him.

Yeshua simply loved people. 

 He reached out to those whom He knew
were the "walking wounded" of his day,
 like the ostracized Samaritan woman He met at the well.
  He responded to people whom were regarded
 as "unclean" by healing lepers, 
 saving a condemned adulteress from
 death by stoning, healing a woman who had been
  bleeding for twelve years, as well as
 the man possessed by demons
 who ran out from among the tombs of a cemetery
at the Lord's approach.  Despite his torment,
 the man somehow recognized Yeshua,
and that He alone could help him.

And He alone did.

Jesus Meeting With A Demoniac 
In The Country Of the Gadarenes
William Brassey Hole

Believers not only have
 a physical battle on their hands,
but a vast spiritual one in America today.

 There are so many people here who
are lost and deeply hurting in their souls. 
 They need to hear the invitation to come 
 and drink of the Living Water of God, without
condition or price, spoken plainly to them,
with the same genuine love and caring that 
Christ showed to the people of His time.

We also need to pray for both creativity
and for boldness in our witness,
but far more importantly, the leading and
guidance of the Holy Spirit, whether our
ministry takes us to the mean streets of Hollywood,
or just around the corner from home.  

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