Friday, June 30, 2017

Changes and Choices

"You will roll them up like a robe;
like a garment they will be changed.
But You remain the same, and
Your years will never end."
Hebrews 1:12

Sunrise at the New Jersey shore

Recently my life has been filled with changes and choices.
I guess that can be said of all our lives. Would it not be good
if we could choose a period of our lives that was enjoyable
and let time stand still?  But we cannot.
Ecclesiastes 3:11 and 14 tell us, 

"He has made everything beautiful in its time" and
"everything God does will endure forever."

If our childhood was a happy time, we did not want it to end.
Everything was new, fresh, and meaningful.
We wanted our teen years to be over soon so we could be adults.
In young adulthood, there were many changes and choices:
college, marriage, the birth of children, or the choice of a job.
In middle age and even in our "golden years"
there are still changes and choices.

My parents are in their golden years. Both of them have had
severe physical problems. Because of this, I have had to make
many choices and to endure a lot of changes. 
But Christ was and is precious, and His Word 
has been very real.

When it became necessary to consider retirement housing
for my mother and father, it was a difficult adjustment for all of us.
But each day, as I went to God's Word, 
he had something just for me.
For example,

 "Now go, lead the people to the place I spoke of,
and My angel will go before you."
Exodus 32:34

Yes, life is filled with changes and choices,
 but the right choice is Jesus Christ. 

He will take you through all the changes.

A devotional written
 by Janet C. Jones

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