Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Few (Hundred) Chosen

'Everyone who laps at the water with his tongue
as a dog laps, you are to set him apart.'

"And Adonai said to Gid'on, 
'Too many are the people who are with you 
for My giving Mid'yan into their hands,
lest Yis'rael glorify itself against Me, saying,
"By my own hand has salvation been
given to me..."

And Adonai said to Gid'on, 'Everyone
who laps the water with his tongue as a
dog laps, you are to set him apart'...
And the number of those lapping...
was three hundred...

And Adonai said to Gid'on, 
'By the three hundred men who
are lapping, I will save you and will
give Mid'yan into your hand."
Shof'tiym (Judges) 7:2, 5-7

Too often we give in to our doubts and fears,
believing that Adonai cannot or will not
continue to save us.
These fears are not only rooted in
lack of faith in Him, but, they also spring
from our own arrogance.

True faith requires zero self-reliance.

We need to understand that total
deliverance is birthed from complete
dependence on Adonai.
Indeed, our participation in
our own salvation is minimal-
all we have to do is
accept and submit.

When Gid'on set out to fight Mid'yan,
he had over 30,000 men...
but then Adonai began to send them home.
Of the ten thousand who were unafraid
to face Mid'yan, Adonai chose a mere 300
to complete the task-
just 1% of the original fighting force.

Why did God do this?

So that Yis'rael would not be able
to boast against Adonai saying,
"By my own hand has salvation
been given to me."

Adonai's process of elimination
speaks to His sovereign ability to save:
not only did He not need thousands,
but a few hundred that remained were
chosen because of their remarkable
dog-like qualities.

Our natural inclination is to enter a
difficult situation decked out for war.
We don our strongest armor and take
tens of thousands of our best warriors
with us.

We bring tons of artillery and great
weapons of destruction to pulverize
the enemy with sheer might.
We strategize and make provision
for all contingencies, and we psych
ourselves up for the battle.
Now imagine standing before 
an enemy horde, naked and alone,
holding only a box of rubber bands
and some paper clips.
This was Gid'on.

We will not win the battles before us
because we possess the strength to do it.
On the contrary, victory in Messiah
is at best 1% us-but in reality,
it's all Him.

The Lord will use us as we are,
dog-like and all.
He will work in our lives
in ways we don't expect or even
think are possible.
What we bring to the table in
our relationship with God is of
no consequence where our salvation is
concerned. He does not ask us to
take control of or manage 
our deliverance.
He wants us to let Him
complete us, save us...
and then deliver our enemies
into our hands.

Adonai, forgive my arrogance.
Teach me, God, to rely solely on You-
to put no stock in my ability to provide
for or protect myself.
Abba, only You can build a
winning army of three hundred
from thirty thousand.
Show me how to present myself
before You,
the dog that I am, and know
that I am clean and worthy
of being used by
Your mighty hand.
I bless Your Name, Adonai,
for only by Your strength
am I saved...

"1% You"
Taken from the
"Messianic Mo'adiym Devotional
Messianic Jewish Devotionals
For Israel's Annual Feasts, Fasts,
And Appointed Times"
By Kevin Geoffrey
Perfect Word Ministries

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