Wednesday, June 21, 2017

England's Sovereigns In Verse


William The Conqueror long did reign;
William, his son, by an arrow was slain;
Henry the First was a scholar bright;
Stephen the king without any right.


Henry the Second, Plantagenet's scion;
Richard the First was as brave as a lion;
John, though a tyrant, the Charter signed;
Henry the Third had a weakly mind.
Edward the Second was born Prince of Wales;
Edward the Third humbled France in its pride;
Richard the Second died in prison.


Henry the Fourth for himself took the crown;
Henry the Fifth pulled the French king down;
Henry the Sixth lost his father's gains.


Edward of York laid hold of the reins;
Edward the Fifth was killed with his brother;
Richard the Third soon made way for another.
Henry the Seventh was frugal of means;
Henry the Eighth had a great many queens.
Edward the Sixth reformation began;
Cruel Queen Mary prevented the plan.
Wise and profound were Elizabeth's aims.


England and Scotland were joined by King James.
Charles found the people a cruel corrector;
Oliver Cromwell was called Lord Protector;
Charles the Second was hid in an oak,
James the Second took Popery's yoke.
William and Mary were offered the throne,
Anne succeeded and reigned alone.


George the First from Hanover came;
George the Second kept up the name;
George the Third was loved in the land,
George the Fourth was polite and grand;
William the Fourth had no heir of his own,
So Queen Victoria ascended the Throne.

When good Queen Victoria's long reign was o'er
Edward the Seventh the English crown wore;
George the Fifth rules the vast realm of England today
And "God Save The King!"  all his subjects' hearts say.
Author Unknown

Footnote:  George the Fifth was followed by Prince
Albert, Duke of York, who later became King George the Sixth,
after his brother, Edward the Eighth abdicated the Throne.
George the Sixth was followed by his daughter,
Queen Elizabeth the Second, who ascended to
the Throne on June 2, 1953.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England

On February 6, 2017  Queen Elizabeth the Second
was the first British monarch in history to
celebrate her Sapphire Jubilee, marking her
sixty five year reign as the Queen of England.

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