Monday, June 19, 2017

To The Whippoorwill

Calling sweet and clear, 'neath the starry heavens
of an early summer night...

The Eastern Whippoorwill
North America

When the night is falling, 
Plaintive notes I hear,
Through the darkness calling,
Calling soft and clear.

Whippoorwill, they repeat,
Whippoorwill, low and sweet,
Filling all the listening air
with rich, tender strains.

Tell me what you're singing,
Singing through the night;
Tender rapture bringing,
Bringing sweet delight.

Whippoorwill, you repeat,
Whippoorwill, low and sweet,
But I cannot fathom
all that sweet song contains.

"To The Whippoorwill"
M.B. Wallis

Indian Maiden In The Moonlight
Charles Relyea

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