Sunday, June 11, 2017

A Cauldron of Hate

A recently published book,
"Stories of Qalandiya Shalids"
glorifies the acts of terrorists
residing within the Arab refugee camps
adjacent to the city of Jerusalem.
It's publication has many Israeli
citizens concerned, and rightly so.

This book, published by an outfit called,
Qalandiya Media Center, hopes
that the material published within it
will "inspire" Palestinian, or Arab children,
to commit similar acts of murder and mayhem,
against those whom they are being taught 
 are their oppressors, and whom are 
 unlawfully occupying their homeland, 
 namely, the nation and people of Israel.

Little Girls Lost
Indoctrinating innocent children in the culture of hatred
and violence against Israel

It seems that child sacrifice is an
important ritual of passage in the minds
of most Palestinian parents, at least those willing
to sacrifice their precious children
in the name of "the cause".

 Yet, it is not Israel which oppresses them.
Israel is not "occupying" their homeland.
There is no "homeland" because there
is no nation called, "Palestine".
Palestine is the former name of a
region in the Near East which 
over the course of world history
 has seen many occupying forces,
 Romans, Ottoman Turks, and in more recent
times, the once mighty forces of
the British Empire.

But this region of land never really belonged 
 to any of these occupying forces either.

This land belongs to God.
And God gave this land to His own
adopted people and nation, Israel.

In 1948, when the newly reborn nation
of Israel took her place among the nations,
the only two nations in the Near East to acknowledge her
existence were non-Arab Iran and Turkey.

The surrounding Arab nations not only refused to
recognize Israel, but, purged their own nations of Jews,
many of whose families had lived there for generations.
 Innocent Jewish men and women, even children, were
attacked, and many were murdered.
Their homes and businesses were ransacked and
burned while their synagogues were razed by 
mobs of angry Arabs.

The systematic purging of Jews from Arab lands
 caused a mass exodus of the homeless
to seek safety and refuge in the renewed Israel,
a nation which according to biblical prophesy,
"was born in a single day."

You never hear much about the Arab pogroms
in the world media today. Yet, a strong
prejudice against Israel persists unjustly.

Furthermore, just who really is to blame
 for the much media propagandized,
"Palestinian refugee problem"
 in the first place?

While the Israeli people have been forced to fight 
many battles in order to survive as a people and a nation,
the real blame for the long standing refugee crisis lays at the
feet of their enemies, whom decided to 
 attack Israel in the first place.

With little regard for the welfare of the
thousands of men, women, and children,
 caught up in the ensuring violence of war,
the combined forces of the Arab nations
used everything in their arsenal to try and
wipe out the object of their intense hatred,
yet, the little fledgling nation of Israel
valiantly fought back, and won every time.

In their quest to "drive Israel into the sea"
through the War of Independence, the Six Day War,
the Yom Kippur War and numerous other skirmishes,
the Arab nations have failed miserably
 to protect their own people.

Ironically, in more recent days, it has been Israel 
providing much needed medical care and support to Arab refugees 
 fleeing from the ongoing war in Syria.

The nation of Israel recently granted refugee status to 100 Syrian war orphans.
So, where is the western news media coverage of this story?

Over the years, Israel has been forced by the intervention
of primarily the government of the United States of America
to give up "land for peace" to the Palestinians.
 Meanwhile, the so-called, "Palestinian Authority"
 has never been forced to rescind the principal mandate 
in their organization's charter, which calls for
the destruction of the nation of Israel.

Regardless of this, God declares,
 speaking through the prophet, Amos,
 that He will never allow His people
to be removed from their land again.

"And I will bring back the exiles of
My people, Israel, and they shall build
the waste cities and inhabit them;
and they shall plant vineyards and drink
the wine from them; they shall also
make gardens and eat the fruit of them.
And I will plant them upon their land,
and they shall no more be torn up
out of their land, which I have given them,
says the Lord your God."
Amos 9:14-15

An organic vineyard in the Golan Heights of Israel

May God bless the nation and people of Israel.

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