Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Battle of Midway 75th Anniversary 1942-2017

"The most stunning and decisive blow
in the history of naval warfare."
John Keegan
Military Historian

This weekend marks the 75th anniversary of
the Battle of Midway, when the United States Navy
carried out a crucial victory against the naval forces
of Imperial Japan, thus turning the tide in
America's favor in the Pacific theater 
during World War II.

307 courageous US servicemen lost their lives
in the battle.  It is to their memory
 that I dedicate this post.

You are gone from this earth,
but your sacrifice to our nation 
and the cause of freedom
 will never be forgotten.

Thank you for my freedom.
May you rest in peace.

Battle of Midway
June 3-6 1942

America, in God we trust,
 we fear no tyrant's horde:
There's light that leads toward better deeds
than conquest by the sword.
Yet our cause is just, if fight we must
until the world be free
Of every menace, breed, or caste
that strikes at Liberty.

America, home of the brave,
our song in praise we bring-
Where Stars and Stripes the winds unfurl,
tis' there that tributes ring;
Our fathers gave their lives
that we should live in Freedom's light-
Our lives we consecrate to thee, 
our guide the Might of Right.

"Land of the Free"
Arthur Nicholas Hosking

Battle of Midway Memorial Marker
Midway Atoll, United States Minor Outlying Islands

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