Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kings Of France

King Pharamond
Legendary King of the Franks

The first king was Pharamond; after him came
the race Merovingian, unworthy of fame;
Then Pepin the Little, and Charlemagne, great,
Victorious, kingly, in church and in state.
First Louis, Charles first, then two Louis more;
Charles; Endes, Count of Paris, whose reign was soon o'er;
Charles the Simple; Raoul de Burgoyne, rarely known,
One after another ascended the throne.

The Crowning of
Raoul de Burgoyne

Then Louis the Fourth, who was named "L'Outre Mer",
Then Louis the Sluggard, came; after Lothaire;
Hugh Capet, and Robert, and Henry then came;
First Philip, two Louis, and Philip whose name
Was Augustus; then Louis the Lion; and one
Called Louis the Saint, for the good he had done.
Two Philips, tenth Louis, fifth Philip came on,
And then Charles the Fourth, the sixth Philip, and John;
Charles fifth, sixth and seventh, when Joan d' Arc came
To rescue the country from sorrow and shame.

Jeanne d' Arc
(Joan of Arc)
Charles Amable Lenoir

Then Louis Eleventh, perfidious king;
Charles Eighth  whose adventures let history sing;
Twelfth Louis, first Francis, and then Henry came;
Then Francis, whose wife is so well known to fame
As Mary of Scotland; Charles Ninth on whose head
Is the blood of Bartholemew's Protestant dead.
Two Henrys five Louis, one king but in name,
For Terror the monarch til Bonaparte came.

France's doomed monarchs
King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette
and their children in the Gardens of  Versailles.
Both were executed during the French Revolution.
Painting by Charles Louis Lucien

Then Louis Eighteenth and Charles tenth the grandson
Of Louis Fifteenth, but his reign was soon done.
Then Louis Philippe and Napoleon Third,
Who, often successful, more frequently erred.
The throne is now vacant, and no one can tell
The name of the next, so I'll bid you farewell.

Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon III
Emperor of the Second French Empire
and nephew and heir of Napoleon I

"Kings of France"
A poem by Mary W. Lincoln

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