Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Naughty Four O' Clocks

There were some naughty flowers once,
Who were careless in their play;
They got their petals torn and soiled
As they swung in the dust all day.

They went to bed at four o'clock,
With faces covered tight,
To keep the fairy Drop O' Dew
From washing them at night.

Poor Drop O'Dew! What could she do?
She said to the Fairy Queen,
"I cannot get these Four O' Clocks
To keep their faces clean."

The mighty Storm King heard the tale;
"My winds and rain," roared he,
Shall wash those naughty flowers well,
As flowers all should be."

So raindrops came and caught them all
Before they went to bed
And washed those little Four O'Clocks
At three o'clock instead.

"Naughty Four O' Clocks"
 A poem by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Bright and beautiful Four O Clocks bloom after the
sun goes down on hot summer days, perfuming
the night air with their sweetly intoxicating fragrance.

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