Friday, June 2, 2017

The Lorelei

The Lorelei Statue on the Rhine River
St. Goar, Germany

The Lorelei
A German Folk Song

I know not what it meaneth
That I so sad should be,
A legend quaint and plaintive
Is ever haunting me.

The air is cool, the day waneth,
And calmly flows the Rhine;
The tops of the mountain gleameth,
For still the sun doth shine.

A fair and lovely maiden,
Doth sit up on the height;
A-combing her golden tresses,
Her jewels dazzle the sight.

Her golden comb too, glistens
And as she combs her hair,
She sings a song so wondrous,
Its rich tones fill the air.

A boat-man whose skiff is so tiny
the water deep doth lave,
Entranced by song and singer,
Heeds not the rock nor the wave.

I fear me the craft and boat-man
Engulfed by billows high,
Because of the Lorelei's singing
Beneath the waves may lie.
Heinrich Heine

The Lorelei
A painting by German artist
Wilhelm Kray

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