Thursday, June 1, 2017

On The Fairest Time Of June

On the fairest time of June
You may go, with sun or moon,
Or the seven stars to light you,
Or the polar ray to right you;
But you never may behold
Little John, or Robin bold.
-John Keats

One of the sweetest scents in June is the
fragrance of wild honeysuckle blooming everywhere!

"June is bustin' out all over!
All over the meadow and the hill!
From the Rodgers and Hammerstein II
movie musical

And so are the roses.... 
bursting with blooms!

The beautiful Olivia Rose Austen English Rose
By David Austen

A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We shall not care at all,
It will not matter then a whit,
The honey or the gall.
The summer days that we have known
Will all forgotten be and flown;
The garden will be overgrown
Where now the roses fall.

A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We shall not mind the pain;
The throbbing crimson tide of life
Will not have left a strain.
The song we sing together, dear,
the dream we dream together here,
Will mean no more than a tear
Amid a summer rain.

A hundred years from now, dear heart,
The grief will all be o'er;
The sea of care will surge in vain
Upon a careless shore.
These glasses we turn down today
here at the parting of the way-
we shall be wineless then as they,
And shall not mind it more.

A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We'll neither know or care
What came of all life's bitterness,
Or followed love's despair.
Then fill the glasses up again,
And kiss me through the rose-leaf rain;
We'll build one more castle in Spain,
And dream one more dream there.
"In A Rose Garden"
-John Bennett

Florizel and Perdita
from "The Winter's Tale" by William Shakespeare
 Painting by Mary F. Raphael

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